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Qt 4 does not provide a specific replacement class for QHGroupBox since QGroupBox is designed to be a generic container widget. At some point, you might want to stop linking against the Qt 3 support library (Qt3Support) and take advantage of Qt 4's new features. See Properties for a list of QSlider properties in Qt 3 that have changed in Qt 4. QIntCache<T> has been moved to Qt3Support. The QStrList and QStrIList convenience classes have been deprecated since Qt 2.0. The QValueList<T> class has been replaced by QList<T> and QLinkedList<T> in Qt 4. It was obsoleted in Qt 3.0. If you use this mechanism in your application, please submit a report to the Task Tracker on the Qt website and we will try to find a satisfactory substitute. The qt3to4 porting tool replaces occurrences of Qt 3 classes that don't exist anymore in Qt 4 with the corresponding Qt 3 support class; for example, QListBox is turned into Q3ListBox. In Qt 4, this property has been replaced by the QLayout::sizeConstraint property which provides more control over how the layout behaves when resized. Note that, when using Q3PopupMenu, the menu's actions must be Q3Actions. Qt 4 includes many additional features and discards obsolete functionality. In Qt 4, margins are always handled by layouts; there is no QLayout::setSupportsMargin() function anymore. As a result, it is no longer possible simply to test for a null pointer when determining whether a pixmap has a mask. The QAccessibleInterface class has undergone some API changes in Qt 4, to make it more consistent with the rest of the Qt API. You can use the QAbstractSlider::invertedAppearance property to control this behavior. The instructions below explain how to do that for each compatibility class. If you rely on some of the missing functionality in your application, essay writing service gumtree you can use Q3GroupBox instead of QGroupBox as a help to porting. The QUriDrag class has been renamed Q3UriDrag and moved to the Qt3Support library. Note that when using Q3ToolBar and Q3PopupMenu, their actions must be Q3Actions.

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The most straightforward class to use when porting is QHashIterator<QString, T *>. Note that child widgets are not automatically placed into the widget's layout; you will need to manually add each widget to the QHBoxLayout. In Qt 4, QRangeControl has been replaced with the new QAbstractSlider and QAbstractSpinBox classes, which inherit from QWidget and provides similar functionality. See Properties for a list of QPushButton properties in Qt 3 that have changed in Qt 4. The QColor::maxColors() function has been replaced by QColormap::size(). The following table summarizes the idioms that you need to watch out for if you want to call delete yourself. See Virtual Functions for a list of QDockWidget virtual member functions in Qt 3 that are no longer virtual in Qt 4. The QShared class has been obsoleted by the more powerful QSharedData and QSharedDataPointer as a means of creating custom implicitly shared classes. QPtrList had the concept of a "current item", american wedding speech order which could be used for traversing the list without using an iterator. WFlags() has no direct replacement. The QPalette object returned by QWidget::palette() returns a QPalette initialized with the correct current color group for the widget. See Properties for a list of QTabWidget properties in Qt 3 that have changed in Qt 4. If you use Q3Dict's auto-delete feature (by calling Q3Dict::setAutoDelete(true)), you need to do some more work. See the Trivial Wizard Example, creative writing prompts for plays License Wizard Example and Class Wizard Example for more details. From Qt 4.4, the Network Access API provides a subset of the features provided by QUrlOperator that are mostly intended for use with applications that use the HTTP and FTP protocols. In Qt 3, QByteArray was simply a typedef for QMemArray<char>. The reduction in the number of virtual functions is significant because QFrame is the base class of many Qt classes.

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Also be aware that QCString::size() (inherited from QByteArray) used to return the size of the character data including the '\0'-terminator, whereas the new QByteArray::size() is just a synonym for QByteArray::length(). In Qt 4, menu entries are completely represented by actions for consistency with other user interface components, pay someone do my coursework such as toolbar buttons. Be aware that Q3Dict's destructor automatically calls clear(). It has been renamed Q3Shared and moved to the Qt3Support library. It has been replaced by the more modern QStack class. The QProgressDialog API has been significantly improved in Qt 4. The QVGroupBox class has been renamed Q3VGroupBox and moved to the Qt3Support library. In new code, dissertation writing services in bangalore we recommend that you don't rely on the distinction between a null string and a (non-null) empty string. Most functions that were in QCString previously have been moved to QByteArray. However, if Qt is compiled with debugging output enabled, and the developer uses other connection types to connect to compatibility signals and slots (perhaps by building their application without Qt 3 support enabled), then Qt will output warnings to the console to indicate that compatibility connections are being made. In Qt 4, romans ks2 homework help they are enum values of type Qt::GlobalColor. The QGroupBox class has been redesigned in Qt 4. To reimplement painter backends one previously needed to reimplement the virtual function QPaintDevice::cmd(). In Qt 3, if acceptAbsPath is true, a file name starting with '/' is be returned without change; if acceptAbsPath is false, an absolute path is prepended to the file name. See Model/View Programming for an overview of the new item view classes. They have been renamed Q3NetworkProtocol, Q3NetworkProtocolFactoryBase, Q3NetworkProtocolFactory<T>, and Q3NetworkOperation and have been moved to the Qt3Support library. In Qt 3, developers could create a custom event by constructing a new QCustomEvent, and send relevant data to other components in the application by passing a void pointer, either on construction or using the setData() function. Another important issue was that conversions between QCString and QByteArray often gave confusing results. The obsolete function drawSplitter() has been removed.

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This can now be checked by checking QPolygon::size() after the call. The QStyle::PrimitiveElement enumeration has undergone extensive change. If you are primarly interested in widgets, use QApplication::allWidgets() or QApplication::topLevelWidgets(). The old QWhatsThis class is available as Q3WhatsThis in Qt3Support. The QHGroupBox class has been renamed Q3HGroupBox and moved to the Qt3Support library. In Qt 3, it was possible to insert widgets directly into menus by using a specific QMenuData::insertItem() overload. See the section on QNetworkProtocol for details. The new approach is much simpler: It consists in reimplementing QLayout::itemAt() and QLayout::takeAt(). In Qt 3, QEventLoop combined the Qt event loop and the event dispatching. The QPainter class has undergone some changes in Qt 4 because of the way rectangles are drawn. QVariant is still able to hold values of these types. In Qt 4, they have been moved to the Qt3Support library.

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The main issue is that Q3Dict supports auto-delete whereas QMultiHash doesn't. With Q3ServerSocket, connections are accepted by reimplementing a virtual function (Q3ServerSocket::newConnection()). QObject::objectTrees() has been removed. When porting to Qt 4, occurrences of QCString should be replaced with QByteArray or QString.


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