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I'm using this to write letters to a Viking visitor. You found a chest of gold. You have $100 to spend. To write out our treasure hunt reports on. John's Primary School in Sevenoaks Kent. A troop of 120 horsemen, who served as scouts and messengers were attached to each Roman legion. The legionaires of the Roman army were recruited only from those who had Roman citizenship. They had to carry equipment such as tents, food, cooking pots and weapons as well as wearing all their armour. Hi there HeyMcJude! Thanks for the comment! History Work with my year 1'2 class, thanks ! Hi there kittykat123123, We've made this resource for you and have sent it in an email, I hope you find it useful! By the first century, many inhabitants of Italy, Spain and Gaul (France) were Roman citizens and were eligible to serve. Why were the roads built on a slant? At the time of its invasion of Britain, the Roman army was the most disciplined and efficient killing machine that the ancient world had ever known. They built roads as straight as possible, in order to travel as quickly as they could. I am going to have second graders use this for a direction writing template: picture and topic page, then list of needed items and finally, sequencing of step-by step instructions. The Auxiliaries of the Roman army were non-Roman citizens. A Roman centurion leading his men. You're very welcome - so glad you and your class are enjoying the resources! If there's anything else we can help you with please do get in touch! I used this in my learning stories which I did on our Pirate Project, I then inserted photos creating a sepia look.

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Hopefully it will help inspire my Y5s. People would either ride on horseback, drive carts pulled by oxen, pay for performance research paper or walk. What will you buy?" Or, "Are you a good pirate or a bad pirate? Also available as wide lined, narrow lined, fully lined and half lined - a wide variety of options to cover all activities! The spread of the Roman Empire was partly due to the fact that the Roman army was so well organised. The Roman legionary was a soldier who was a Roman citizen younger than 45. It will also be available for download on the website as soon as possible. They were well-armed and well trained fighting men They were also skilled engineers and craftsmen because they had to build roads, bridges and forts. They will describe life in early Australia after watching some My Place links on the ABC website. I'm pleased you found this resource helpful. Trying to inspire reluctant boys that writing can be fun! I am using it to drw a treasure map. Cant wait to print them and put them up on display. A centurion commanded 80 men divided into ten sections of eight. I put a question of the day on the wall first thing while the children are getting settled. The children are going to write their own 'island adventure' story. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Roman soldiers were very strong and tough, they had to march over 20 miles a day with heavy things to carry. The Roman army was divided into two groups - legionaries and auxiliaries. Does the logo really have to go on the scroll? The Romans built the first roads in Britain.

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This will be a part of an ocean-themed habitat display. The Highwayman based diary writing... Pirate@s poem. Perfect template! I will use it for a reading month activity. To save a resource you must first Join or Sign In. I'll see what we can do for you! Compuneri, scrisori, etc.. Multumim. To inspire writing after pirate book story time. We are writing a thank you letter to the giant from 'the smartest giant in town'. Hoping to do a treasure map for geography. The children at my nursery school are learning about Pirates and we have talked about messages in bottles! I'm doing a piece of 'cold' writing for assessment and I think this paper matches the theme I have chosen. I am going to make a decoration for a gift bag. Can you imagine the fun we'll have with pirate questions? Thanks for commenting! Is this the resource you were hoping for? Thank you so much for letting us know ! A groma was a wooden cross with weights hanging from it which gave the Romans a straight line. They were recruited from tribes that had been conquered by Rome or were allied to Rome.

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Going to do a play pirates and get the kids to write where the pirate treasure is hidden. That's a lovely idea - thanks for letting others know! Winding roads took longer to get to the place you wanted to go and bandits and robbers could be hiding around bends. A gorgeous One Tree treasure island has been created at school. That's a great idea - thanks for letting others know!


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